FEBRUARY UPDATES!-2017 Lock it in, and RIP the knob off!

Thanks to Facebook, (something I NEVER say) and one of those stupid chain lists about favorite albums in my teen years, I mentioned Z Rock. Thanks to punishing my brain in my 20's I had completely forgotten about Chicago's only real METAL radio station until this list. One morning, pimply faced, denim clad, Iron Maiden shirt-wearing me turns on my radio and hears Master of Puppets at 8:30 am! Holy Shit! Metalheads had won a long fought war for acceptance and legitimacy. No longer would we have listen to our Metal during the hours of 8pm and 1 am with two guys pretending to be smoking bongs on the tiny radio station WVVX. (That is a story for next month) That year, Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Metal Church, Motorhead and Megadeth released albums that made their careers and Z Rock played them all. Of course we had to sit through Loudness, Stryper and (ugh) Judas Priest's "Turbo" record but that's a small price to pay. On Halloween of that Year I ate breakfast in a graveyard with a bunch of Punk and goth friends before school, went to see Motorhead later that night and Z Rock was the soundtrack. Unfortunately for Metalheads about a year or two later WZRC (FM 106.7) Des Plaines pulled the plug abruptly on Chicagoland longhairs in favor of a completely opposite format, New Age Music. So here's to nostalgia and all it's distortions.

Ugh, I guess there was a lot more crap played then I remember...

"Well, How did it go?"

No convention reports this month. I am busy working on new prints and Shirt designs for the spring con season. So please check out my store, Instagram page or send me an email for any commission questions.

"Stuff I burned onto my hard drive this month"

Social Distortion and the Scorpions are the big winners this month with two albums each being put in the collection. I got inspired somehow to hear some Mike Ness three chord songs about chicks, and being a drunk outlaw so I went on a mini binge to find those records. And I have no Idea why I'm on a Scorpions kick right now but, there it is.

That's it for the short month, more convention appearances and new art next time I promise...


Year End 2016 can SUCK IT Review-a-crappa-Tacular!!

Lets get this over with already, right? Smarter people than me will go over everything this past year has had to offer and give it a funny and thoughtful spin. Me, I've got a list.

What the hell happened 2016?

1. Well first off I lost my goddamn notes on what happened this past year so this will be all from memory and hearsay. Crap 2016.

2. I'm pretty sure the Cubs won the World Series. Only good thing 2016.

3. I managed to see about a dozen new movies in 2016 and I can't remember any of them. Oh SHIT!  I saw Pete's Dragon!? Entertainment 2016.

4. The gunk on my monitor screen has been steadily increasing this year and is not coming off by simply scraping it off with my fingernail. Maybe something will be done in 2017.

5. Costume quality has been at an all time high at this year's Comic and Horror conventions. However the personalities of people wearing the costumes is on the decline. Crapplay-Cosplay 2016.

6. On that same theme, a Pikachu danced for me in front of my table at Count-I-Con this past August. I did not tip her/him. Conventions 2016.

7. I bought a tent for my first outdoor event back in June and I didn't extend it to it's full height which made people have to bend over to get in to see me. I kept thinking all day "This tent totally sucks, it's not big enough." User error 2016.

8. I witnessed the 20th annual Running of the Wieners in Cincinnati Ohio. I lost big money betting on Dr. Schnitzelfluff to win. Recreational drinking 2016.

9. People like to rip off my designs and make shirts out of them. Jerk-offs 2016.

10. Meeting rock stars at a prearranged photo-op is not as awesome as I was hoping. Still kinda worth it 2016.

What did I burn onto my hard drive this year?

Music in no particular order, and generally worth a listen for 2016: Baroness, Cheap Trick, Ghost, Anthrax, Witchcraft, Pallbearer, Kvelertak, The Faces, Alice Cooper, Crowbar, Monster Magnet and Nails.       

Note: Cheap Trick and Alice Cooper come in first with the most albums I burned onto my hard drive this year, they were presented with an award this past November.          

Photo taken at the 4th annual Pungent Basement holiday dinner and show.

Photo taken at the 4th annual Pungent Basement holiday dinner and show.

Thoughts for the end of the year.

It's almost too easy to say, but I'm gonna' say it, screw you 2016, until next year...